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kit part 3 is a Moderator from United States.
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Global rank #2
Country rank   #3
PP 80,726
Ranked score 7,684,000
Total score 21,466,360
Playcount 267
Maximum Combo 1,604
Followers 2
Replays watched 0
Total hits 68,736
Accuracy 99.40%
Ranks SS+
Ranks SS
Ranks S+
Ranks A
Level 15
all scores are legit. didn't feel like downloading cheats again nvm i caved i wanted pp record any play below 1kpp without fl isn't cheated
ok i got pp record with fusyoku now who will dethrone me nvm you must play the most boring maps to get pp now
bestie pt 2

season 1 desc

could ss but i don't want to ruin the map for me, getting this score was really fun
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