:osuHOW: (done with hqOsu)

Was about on ~10,600pp before starting using Skooter v3

Client Information

Client: Skooter v3
Timewarp: 0.6
AR: 10
CS: 0
OD: 0 (-10 / -1 before rules changed)
Unmodded: HD
Aim Assist Power: 100


- Hit 25,000pp [Done with really not my proudest play]
- Achieve Top 5 with: [I DID IT POGGG]
  • Only HDDTRX [Confirmed]
  • Always on AR10 [Confirmed]
  • Higher then 0.59 Timewarp [Confirmed]
  • Barely any stream maps (Example: Honesty (Bass String Size), Ascension To Heaven, etc) [Confirmed]
Why am i doing this? To rant about it lol

- Get a 800 (or higher) pp play using bancho pp maps [DONE, WTF] (set on hqOsu)
- Get a 1.1k pp play [done on euphoria :)]


Clan: None
(aka choker)





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