Hello! im mania, mostly know as nunk7, i am a osu!mania player, and osu!std player, i focus more on mania since its my favorite gamemode :) Well, rn, i only play for fun :D

Here is my bancho profile if you want to see it https://osu.ppy.sh/users/17820309

Current friends:
kdz, soda (as by what i consider) kacper and maca, aochi i guess too.

eternal is this fr

kdz why do you have to be so mean >w<


Clan: funi number
(aka nunk7)





Mania is a Fuquila BAT from Brazil.
They signed up on Fuquila .
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They play with Keyboard.

Global rank #9
Country rank   #1
PP 24,643
Ranked score 7,000,000
Total score 7,012,825
Playcount 12
Maximum Combo 3,916
Followers 3
Replays watched 1
Total hits 0
Accuracy 100.00%
Level 10