[못쓰게] Lolotun (#19)

(aka Xelton)
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Lolotun is a BAT from Sweden.
They signed up on .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Keyboard.
Global rank #19
Country rank   #1
PP 3,758
Ranked score 51,997,144
Total score 88,024,257
Playcount 10
Maximum Combo 1,257
Followers 1
Replays watched 0
Total hits 4,047
Accuracy 98.99%
Level 23
Hello and welcome my user page.
I am Lolotun aka. Xelton
I'm a player whom focus on osu!Standard Relax Mode.
(Especially Long and high bpm Stream and Tech)

mouse: zet gaming fury
keyboard: zet gaming blade

Skoot.er settings:
cs changer - 1
timewarp - 0,66
aim assist - 60

Maple settings:
AA Setting

Epic Collab with [ Aegis 228 ]

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