worst player (Unknown)

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worst player is a Moderator from Brazil.
They signed up on .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Touchscreen.
PP 0
Ranked score 0
Total score 42,818,265
Playcount 48
Maximum Combo 519
Followers 0
Replays watched 2
Total hits 6,569
Accuracy 0.00%
Level 18
peak rank #1
had number 1 multiple times in the past but one of them was score changer + i was stupid asf and bored

pls giv beatmap nominator i deserve it (20/07/2023 yay bn)
omg i'm a moderator now!!!

respect players:
Pepito Gaming
Granola Gaming
everyone who fcs the curse of the lovely fox by nekoshabeta
will add more later
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